Install MATLAB-Engine for Julia on Apple Silicon M-series chip

The method was only tested with MATLAB R2021b and Julia 1.8.3. MATLAB.jl only supports R2021b until now from official doc.

Issues with MATLAB Engine on Apple Silicon

Because MATLAB are still running on x86_64 platform, MATLAB Engine for Python or Julia is invalid on Apple Silicon native platform. If you want to use MATLAB Engine, you can only install all the software on x86_64 platform.

Install Homebrew via x86_64 platform

The solution can be found from stackoverflow discuss.

  1. Install homebrew via arch-x86_64 platform

    arch --x86_64 /bin/shell -c "$(curl -fsSL"

  2. Add arch-x86_64 to PATH in ~/.zshrc. by open ~/.zshrc and add the following line to the end of the file.

    alias brow='arch --x86_64 /usr/local/Homebrew/bin/brew'
    alias ib='PATH=/usr/local/bin'
    The brow is the alias for brew and ib is the alias for arch-x86_64.

  3. Add an alias to switch between arch-x86_64 and arch-arm64 platform

    alias a86='env arch -x86_64 zsh'
    alias a64='env arch -arm64 zsh'

Install Julia via x86_64 platform

  1. Install Julia via arch-x86_64 platform homebrew.
    brow install julia
    Wait for the installation.

Install MATLAB Engine for Julia

  1. Start Julia ib julia and install MATLAB package.

    import Pkg; Pkg.add("MATLAB")

  2. Test the availability.

    using MATLAB
    a = mxarray(Float64,5)
    The return value should be 5.

Everytime when you run Julia rememeber to add ib julia rather than julia to start Julia if you want to use MATLAB Engine.

If you only need the Julia function, I suggest to run native version of Julia on Apple Silicon.

Install MATLAB-Engine for Julia on Apple Silicon M-series chip
Peng Jiaxin
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January 1, 2023
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